If you are a Homestead Florida resident concerned about the chemicals in your tap water, pay particular attention to chloramine. Here are five reasons why chloramine should never be found in drinking water:

1) Chloramine is a Poor Disinfectant

Chloramine is, in short, not an effective disinfectant. Studies done by Hach, an international company specializing in water quality testing, have shown that chloramine is 25 times less efficient than chlorine in eliminating bacterial impurities. If mixing and dosing are not precisely accurate, all homes and businesses served by the utility could effectively be exposed to draw water. Utilities that make heavy use of chloramine, in fact, are often required to use chlorine at least once each year so that any bacteria that has become used to the ammonia build-up can be eliminated from the plumbing system.

2) Ammonia and Nitrate Byproducts

When chloramine breaks down into ammonia and nitrogen, it promotes the growth of bacterial colonies. Ammonia and nitrogen, in fact, are both ready-made food sources for bacteria. Large amounts of nitrates in drinking water, meanwhile, can drive down the hemoglobin within an infant’s bloodstream, which can ultimately lead to blue baby syndrome. Blue baby syndrome, in effect, prevents the blood from carrying the proper amount of oxygen to tissues and organs, a condition that can be fatal in newborns.

3) Illnesses and Genetic Damage

A study commissioned by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has indicated that chloramine can indeed cause genetic damage. In fact, chloramine must always be removed from any water that is going to be added to fish tanks or used in kidney dialysis. The chemical can also exacerbate respiratory illnesses in hospital patients, where it has been shown to be a full five times more damaging than more traditional cleaning agents. Chloramine acts as a low-level poison to patients already suffering from sensitive kidney and lung conditions.

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4) Corrosive Leaching

South Florida residents should be keenly aware of the corrosive effect that chloramine can have on lead and copper pipes. Lead leaching into the water supply can cause significant learning disabilities in young children also Hurtfull to pets and might lead to the following ailments:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Sterility
  • Irritability and memory loss
  • Anemia
  • Seizures

In Washington, D.C. in 2004, chloramine caused lead to leach into the drinking water, which eventually caused developmental disorders in small children. The city ended up settling a lawsuit for $250 million. Chloramine was originally meant to replace chlorine because it was believed to minimize health concerns, but it instead ended up causing more corrosion. A good Homestead Florida water purification company and systems can remove this danger.

5) Tricking the System

Utilities often use chloramine to game the system by minimizing the disinfectant byproducts so that they come in under the most recent regulatory stipulations. Chloramine, which is sometimes referred to as “neutered chlorine,” can also produce nitrosamines, which are chemicals that could be up to 10,000 times more carcinogenic than the products that they are meant to displace.

Ultimately, a reputable water purification company and systems in South Florida can help remove chloramines and other impurities from drinking water. Residents can avoid ammonia, nitrates, lead, nitrosamines, and a variety of other derived chemical impurities that can harm human health.